Saturday, 2 March 2013

How Can I Tell You?

I was really pleased to read that How Can I Tell You will be the next Madness single released on 7th April.  I love this Kaleidoscope Karaoke Video I spotted on youtube too.  The song makes me think of both my children and Chris, it is bright and cheerful and perfect for longer days and spring sunshine.

I don't know if I'll buy the single or not though.  Don't tell my husband but I've already downloaded the album via iTunes as well as buying the physical CD on release day because it was easier than trying to copy the CD on to my iPod.  PLUS there is now a 4 disc special edition of the album to consider.  £29.99 plus P&P gets you:

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Recording from the House of Fun Weekender 2012 now and then shipping in mid in April:

3 X CD, 1 X DVD, 70 TRACKS, Including: 9 Exclusive Band Demos,
7 Exclusive New Album Tracks, 4 Exclusive Alternate Version Tracks
1st ever Live performance of the album (DVD)
32 Page Booklet, Oui Oui Ouija Board Game Artwork
Oui Si Ja Da - The full story unravelled before your eyes and ears

I mean £30 seems a bargain really.  I have noticed the odd grumble on the bands facebook page about this release but it seems like special editions are expected these days, I was certainly aware one was planned for this album for a while.  It wasn't something the band or record company tried to hide.  

I haven't got much live Madness in my collection so that would be great, nor have I seen the album performed in it's entirety although a fair few songs were part of the set list last December (and most of the crowd already knew the words).  Plus as my lovely friend Julie got us comp seats for the gig I could order this boxset and still have theoretically saved money really.... AND I have tickets to see Suggs (front row - must not hyperventilate) so I could take something from this for him to sign (OK pass the paper bag for the breathing exercises) if you ignore the million other Madness things I already own.

You know I can embrace the idea that 'things' do not make us happy and that you can't take it with you etc but I may be just too tightly bound to my CD collection by now to let go of the desire for this kind of thing.  Plus I went and looked for a funny self justification image to put here, to show that I don't really try and justify these things to myself (I don't try and justify it at all, I am too busy purchasing it to justify purchasing it) and I found this and frankly it is just MEAN!  In fact I am so upset I think I need a special edition box set to cheer me up...... and a twix.

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Fiona Hutchings said...

And I haven't even talked about how this would simply add to the case for me to get a new iPod with a lot more storage. I mean, I haven't got a fraction of my collection on my current one you know....

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